Setting up the blog was really frustrating but I found it to be an enjoyable experience. For now, I have been slowly working my way through to completing the first task of the assignment. Over the course of the blog, I would want to integrate more of things I learn from the class as well as the videos to edit the blog. I want it to be aesthetically pleasing and resourceful for those who are interested in things I am in.

The emoji picture i got from is The picture is a good representation of how i felt throughout the process of creating this blog with wordpress. At times, it was enjoyable, frustrating, and completely annoying. All in all, I enjoyed making it so far and I want to continue working on it to make it how I envision the site to be.

As for the corgi pic, I got it off of google which then led me to pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Creation of the Blog

  1. I really enjoy the theme you chose! I find it to be very aesthetically pleasing while giving clarity to each individual aspect of your blog such as the post, the pictures, etc. One critique I have is if you want the blog to be more appealing a better title than just a blog may be a good choice. This title could also be part of the image of the blog you want though, and in that case I think it works really well.


  2. I like how your theme is kinda different from other blogs. The sidebar is very large and it feels like all the information is all in one place which is cool and convenient. I think you should have make the “Just a Blog” title a bit bigger or make it stand out more at the top because right now you can’t read it with the image underneath. This would relate to the ‘front door’ from the five tips because you want your brand to stand out.

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